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I’ve selected a large bbox of data, and now my map crashes the browser!

Cartagen wasn’t designed to load that large of a file all at once; for anything over about 1mb, I’d recommend loading it ‘by tile’. We generally refer to this as Dynamic Loading. This will allow you to load a very large map (even of the whole world!) in pieces. For most cases, you can do this WITHOUT running Ruby on Rails, or your own Planet Server.

Safari crashes sometimes!

This is a known bug in Safari 4: if you check your console, you will see:

10/2/09 7:41:38 PM Assertion failed: ((min.y == p0.y && max.y == porder.y) || (min.y == porder.y && max.y == p0.y)), function crossing_count, file Paths/path-crossing.c, line 176.

We hope the WebKit team (or Apple?) will resolve it soon.

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