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Video Introduction

For a quick look at installing and using Cartagen, watch the video introduction

Use It is a demonstration of the latest release of Cartagen. Test it out, visit places, and create your own maps!


Gss is a specification for map stylesheets that work with dynamic data. Cartagen uses GSS (Geo Style Sheets) to style its maps.

You can try it out by editing the GSS on using the link under the search box or by appending ”?gss=” to the end of your URL, like:

Read more at About Gss or see the specification at Gss Usage.


Cartaen allows users to configure it. Simply add a query string to he end of the URL – more at Customizing Cartagen.


To geocode locations to add to your map using Static Map Layers, go to:

Embed It

You can use an iframe to embed a Cartagen map on your own website:

<iframe height='300' src='' style='border:0;' width='700'/>

You can even view it with your own stylesheet by specifying it with a “gss=” flag:

<iframe height='300' src='' style='border:0;' width='700'/>

Read more at Embedding Cartagen

Install It

Cartagen has two distributions: the client edition and the server edition.

Client Edition

The client edition is the simplest version of Cartagen, and the easiest to get started with – you don’t need a web server to run it. However, you must provide it with static data or every location you want it to load - it cannot dynamically fetch data from a server.

Read more at Cartagen Client

Server Edition

The server edition is not yet officially released. If you are interested in it, you can get it from the development repository via subversion. It is not recommended for end-users, as installation and setup procedures are not fully in place. Read more at Cartagen Server.

Change It

Cartagen is free and open source software - you are free to modify the code to fit your needs. Get the source and head to the Developer Center for help on developing with Cartagen and contributing to the project.

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