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Map Warping With Cartagen

This is now possible with the Cartagen Knitter.

Related work:

Perspective texturing in canvas

Projective Texturing with Canvas

Michal Migurski’s canvas-warp

This ought to be a separate application from the main Cartagen framework… though eventually perhaps integrated? Discuss.

Required steps:

  • Ability to upload an image
  • Image may need to be stored at various sizes (attachment-fu; weardrobe code example)
  • Display of an image at approx 240 x 180px with control points at corners (zoomable)
  • implement projective texturing for that image
  • user clicks ‘save’ button and it’s saved as a raster image (base64)
  • warped coordinates are stored
  • User clicks ‘complete’ upon finishing the map
  • Image Magick? performs the distortions at full resolution ImageMagick docs
  • image is offered as WMS? or whatever
  • cartagen can import/display the tileset for tracing