Cartagen Wiki
Cartagen Server

Cartagen Server Edition is still in the works. The below information is likely out of date.

To view LIVE OpenStreetMap data

add ”?live=true” to the end of your URL, like:

This will bypass cached data, and will load the most recent edited data from OSM. This is useful for checking your edits on OSM, since only regenerates tiles on a weekly basis, as far as I can tell. (Some zoom level DO seem to update, but it’s inconsistent.)

See a full list of modifiers here: Map Modifiers

To embed a map on your site

Use the fullscreen=true parameter in the URL, and put it in an iframe:

<iframe width="600" height="300" src=""></iframe>

Using the read/write API

A Cartagen server install accepts user-submitted nodes and ways via the Cartagen API